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Who We Are

Jain Bandhu Group is a diversified group of companies having experience in Group Housing, Township, Commercial Construction and Building Components. Jain Bandhu Group has a proven track record for excellence in concept marketing, integrated management system, risk assessment and sustainable resource certification and earning your trust since 1980.
Jain Bandhu Group has well established credibility for introduction or new products and technologies in the domain of building works, interiors and furniture. Incorporation of Jain Bandhu Group to build the future with excellence, commitment & expertise, intend to further strengthen the highest levels on innovation & customer trust. The experience of the company management has been successful in understanding the requirements of the upward moving population, looking for smart and sustainable architecture, newer housing layouts and always ready to experiment, in modern living style . The resultant is in the conceiving a VENUS DELIGHT proposed residential Smart city project in Delhi.The project is spread over land above 10 Acre in each zone with liberal green open spaces, boasting of State of the art architectural concept, green building norms, world class amenities. These projects is being taken up in Residential "L" and "N" zones of the NCR, Delhi. Under Land Pooling Scheme.
Apart from above the company has executed many projects, domestics and international location like Sonipat, Delhi, Grater Noida, Dubai and Sri Lanka in to the capacity of joint venture partner / technical consultant. The mile stone projects in to their portfolio is ACHIELLION, the seven star property at Colombo.

Company - Vision

Time is critical for real estate from all quarters.

Sales are not happening, Cash crunch is there and bank and private funds are also not supporting. Retaining employees is a task and even contractors are backing out because of non payment for want of funds. Courts and other authorities are also after real estate developer's life and even big brands are collapsing and creating confidence failure among buyers. Even the small investors who were back bone for any new project development are backing out. Resources are limited and if not used effectively,further worsening the crisis for organisation. Top of it,companies are not in a position to hire and retain the right brains on account of cash flow pressure and cost to sail through the company. Under these circumstances, every company is looking forward to someone who can handhold the company to sail through this tough time that too at the affordable cost. The Professional who can work on efficiency of the team by couple of percentage, can manage to continue the construction which otherwise is stuck up or going slow on account of cash crisis. The one who can manage the show as support to the organization.

Jain Bandhu Group can advise on followings -

Outbound communication with customers, arranging contractor on barter system, Streamline the CRM for better customer satisfaction. Cash flow management with sales, Collections, banking, funding and barter for purchasing. Since it is win win combination for both of orgn

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